XJ6 with Chevrolet 350” Tuned Port Injection




The Jaguar XJ series cars have, since their inception, been considered among the world’s finest automobiles, but have always seemed to suffer from a split personality. These cars rate near the top in any category you might choose, ride, comfort, handling, styling, with one glaring exception –- reliability. Hidden under the low, sleek hood of most of these vehicles is an array of chronic, temperamental gremlins able to disillusion all but the most avid purist: inopportune mechanical breakdowns, intermittent electrical problems, unstoppable oil leaks, failure of parts that seem to always be on permanent back-order and repair bills that threaten to approach the national debt.


All of this makes the idea of installing a reliable, easily serviced American-made engine, transmission and attendant accessories into the Jaguar engine compartment a very practical, sensible idea. The resultant car weighs from 50 to 250 lbs lighter than the original, depending on the engine used and the original configuration, i.e., year, model, 6 cylinder, 12 cylinder etc, thus improving the front-to-rear weight distribution and lowering the center of gravity. This makes for improved handling and even compensates for spring sag in the older cars. There is no cutting, welding or modification of any kind required to the Jaguar chassis, so if ever desired, the car could be restored to its original condition. All instrumentation functions as original.


 XJS with Chevrolet 350” Tuned Port Injection


SunCoast Conversions has been manufacturing and selling V-8 Conversion Kits for the 1969 thru 1987 XJ Series Jaguar Sedans, both 6 and 12 cylinder, and the 1976 thru 1996 XJS Coupes and Convertibles, since the mid 1980s.


Our Bolt-In Jaguar V-8 conversion kits are basically an engine and transmission-mounting package with additional components that allow for the reuse of the stock Jaguar Shifter mechanism in conjunction with the replacement GM transmission. The pieces we include in our kits are basically the items that someone attempting to accomplish the installation of a V-8 into the Jaguar chassis on their own without a kit would have to fabricate from scratch, to get the drive train installed and properly aligned with the necessary clearances. In addition, depending on the exact Year and Model of the Jaguar and the specific engine and transmission combination, we supply as necessary, some additional small pieces that facilitate the hook up of the console-to-transmission shift linkage, the speedometer, and the neutral safety-back-up light switch.


When determining how to merchandise our kits, we worked with the idea that an individual with the tools, equipment, knowledge and ability to do an engine conversion would be someone who does not need to be supplied with such basic items as fuel and heater hoses, hose clamps, nuts and bolts, ty-wraps, etc. etc., but would be capable of obtaining these and other miscellaneous items locally.


In addition to the kit components, we supply a very detailed installation manual with nearly 40 pages of instructions, charts, illustrations, color-coded wiring information, miscellaneous do’s and don’ts, such as starter and flywheel interchangeability, plus manufacturers brand names and part numbers for items such as the fan shroud, formed radiator hoses, power steering hose and fittings. We also include a detailed addendum on how to determine the correct speedometer gears to use, to make the speedometer read correctly, that includes all the appropriate GM part numbers for the necessary gears. The manual also contains information on drive shaft lengths for the various applications, plus where to send the tachometer for 8-cylinder recalibration, if so desired.




XJ6 with Carbureted 350” Chevrolet



Our kits contain a pair of fabricated front engine mount adapters which are designed for use with stock Chevrolet “Anti-Lift” style insulators, of the type used for many years on Corvettes and Camaros, and a fabricated rear transmission mount/cross member also designed to accept a stock GM rear insulator. Also included in the kit is a shifter cable mounting bracket, and a new custom selector lever, both designed to reuse the original Jaguar shifter cable and to exactly match the detents in the GM transmission to the shift pattern on the Jaguar console. A custom speedometer cable with a Jaguar-type end for the speedometer head and GM-type end of the transmission is also supplied in kits for the 1982 & earlier cars that were originally equipped with a cable driven speedometer.


Our kits are designed to be used with any displacement Small Block Chevy engine that is equipped with side mount provisions (1958 thru 1997) and any of the following automatic transmissions: (A) TH-350, (B) TH-400, (C) TH-200-4R, and (D) TH-700-R4 (4L60/4L60E). We currently DO NOT have any kits available that utilize the new LS1 style engines! In addition our kits are designed to use stock GM insulators, or motor mounts as some may refer to them. In comparison, most of our competitors’ kits use either the original Jaguar insulators (usually too oil soaked to reuse) or some custom design of their own (can you guess who you have to buy the replacement mounts from?)


The front engine mount adapters mount to the existing holes in the front suspension sub-frame in the same manner as the original Jaguar engine mount adapters they replace, and our H-shaped rear transmission mount/cross-member attaches to existing threaded holes in reinforced areas of the Jaguar body, basically the same holes from which the stock Jaguar rear mounting bracketry has been removed. There is no cutting or welding required to install the engine and transmission assembly. In fact, the only part of the conversion process that may require the average installer to seek outside assistance, would be the final exhaust system fabrication process. Most of our customers simply take the car to a local muffler shop for this portion of the job. We can also help in this area, as we can provide a pair of exhaust head-pipes for your Jaguar V-8 conversion project. These head-pipes are fabricated from 2 ¼” diameter heavy wall 14 gauge mandrel-bent tubing that is heli-arc welded to 3-bolt 5/16” thick flanges on both ends to allow easy connection to the balance of the exhaust system. They terminate in the area of the transmission torque converter cover. These pipes are designed to clear the steering rack and oil filter, in addition to allowing starter motor removal without disconnecting the exhaust system, and are supplied with gaskets and mounting hardware.


The above mounting packages can also be used to install a Big Block (396/427/454 cu. in.) Chevrolet engine, but these installations will require some modification of cast iron exhaust manifolds, or the fabrication of custom-made tube headers since there are no factory cast iron exhaust manifolds which will fit, as is, in this application. Any manifolds you select would have to be modified so as to place the outlet at the approximate center of the manifold. This requires substantial cutting, fitting and welding. Due to the fact that these manifolds are cast iron, a professional welder should handle the required welding and heat-treating procedures.




 XJ12 with 500” Cadillac Engine



In addition to the Chevrolet mounting packages, we can also provide a very similar kit that will allow for the installation of a Cadillac 472/500 cu.in. Engine and TH-400 transmission. However, there are, in addition to the procedures required to install the Big Block Chevrolet, a number of problem areas which will require fabrication on your part. As with the Big Block Chevrolet, there are no production Cadillac exhaust manifolds that will fit into the Jaguar body without modification. In addition, the oil pan from an Eldorado application must be reworked for proper clearance in the steering rack area, the oil pan sump shortened for ground clearance, and the oil pump pick-up tube must also be modified accordingly to fit.


In either case, it is not necessary to make any modifications to the hood for clearance purposes as long as stock-type intake manifolds and carburetors are utilized. This is especially true in the case of the Cadillac installation where there is more than adequate hood clearance. In the Chevrolet installations, the air cleaner does get close to the hood but there is adequate clearance. In most cases stock GM accessory (AC/PS & Alternator) bracketry, depending on the original year and model from which they are obtained are usable. Further info is included in the instruction manual that comes with each kit.


The prices for the Chevrolet Small and Big Block kits are in a chart at the end of this literature. Kits are normally on hand for immediate shipment. Our normal shipping is via UPS ground, with faster shipping available at your request. Fed EX is also available as well as USPS Parcel Post. . We can also ship UPS COD, at your request.   We gladly accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express Cards.




XJS with Chevrolet 350” LT1



A few words about SunCoast Conversions: We are a 25 year old Florida based company whose primary business is supplying conversion kits and related components to allow the installation of Chevrolet and Cadillac V-8 engines into the 1969 – 1987 Jaguar XJ6 and XJ12 sedans and also the 1975 - 1996 Jaguar XJS Coupes and Convertibles. We have been involved with the Jaguar V-8 conversion market since the 1980s both as an in-house conversion facility that has converted over 100 cars, and a kit supplier to close to 2000 Jaguar owners/Shops. In addition, we have over 30 years experience in the automotive “Hot-Rod” world of Hi-Performance street cars. Street Rods and Drag racing cars that run the gamut from stockers to a Top Fuel dragster! SunCoast Conversions’ toll-free 800 phone line is answered 60 hours a week, not by “Telephone Merchandisers” who are hard pressed just to take your order, but by individuals who have many years of “hands-on” experience both converting Jaguars, and working with related current production components such as electronic fuel-injection systems. We do not “play games” with our toll-free phone line by restricting it to “Orders Only” as so many businesses do! The 800 line is available to our customers both before AND after the sale for inquiries as varied as the suitability of specific driveline combinations before undertaking a conversion project, to specific color-code/ECM pin location relationships during the installation procedures of a late model TPI  fuel injection system into your converted Jaguar! In addition, we will be happy to provide you with references, of individuals, in your local area, who have used our conversion components and services to convert their Jaguars.


Due to the numerous variations in specific applications for conversion kits, we do not take orders over the Internet. We ask you to call our Toll-Free 800 (877-258-2155) number and discuss your specific conversion combination with us, so that we may provide you with the correct kit and accessory items.


If you have any questions about the V-8 conversion process in general, need further information relative to your specific application, or require more particulars about such things as the use of a Corvette/Camaro Tuned Port Fuel Injected engine or a TH-700-R4/4L60 automatic overdrive transmission with your conversion, please feel free to call us toll free at 877-258-2155, Monday thru Friday, 9AM-9PM, and we’ll be glad to explain the Jaguar V-8 conversion process in more detail, or answer your specific questions. You can also reach us by FAX at 239-594-9391.




If you’ve got it, FLAUNT IT!



If you have any questions about the V-8 conversion process in general, or any that pertain to the specific Jaguar year/ model—GM engine /transmission combination you’re considering using,

please feel free to call us Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 9 PM EST.
















Our Basic conversion kit consists of a pair of front engine mount adapters that bolt into existing holes on the Jaguar’s front suspension subframe and a H-shaped rear Cross member/Transmission mount that bolts to existing threaded, reinforced mounting points in the Jaguar uni-body. These components position the engine and transmission assembly with the necessary clearances and the proper driveline angularity.


Upgrades, added to the basic kit, provide the additional hardware required to incorporate either a TH-350 3-speed or TH-700-R4 (4L60) 4-speed automatic transmission, and to correctly hook-up the shift linkage.




This is our basic engine and transmission mounting kit for any 1969 –1987

XJ6/XJ12 or 1976-1996 XJS that is being converted with a Chevrolet engine

and a TH-400 3-speed or a TH-200-4R 4-speed overdrive transmission. This

package includes a pair of front motor mount adapters and a rear cross

member/transmission mount, and comes with a comprehensive, 35 + page,

Instruction Manual.                                                                                                              $385.00                      




Adds the necessary hardware and appropriate written information

to use a TH-350 automatic transmission in conjunction with the above basic kit.                  $30.00


TH-700-R4 (4L60)(4L60-E) UPGRADE                   


Adds the necessary hardware and appropriate written information

to use a TH-700-R4 (4L60) 4-speed overdrive transmission In conjunction

with the above basic kit.                                                                                                         $30.00




Adds the appropriate shifter cable mounting bracket and shift selector

lever to any of the above packages.                                                                                      $35.00




472”/ 500” Cadillac


Any 1969 –1987 XJ6/XJ12 or 1976-1996 XJS Jaguar that is being converted

with a 472”/500” Cadillac engine and TH-400 transmission.                                     $475.00                                                         

The Cadillac 472”/500” kit MUST BE PREPAID, as we make them up on a

One-At-A-Time basis. The kit includes all appropriate hardware, shifter linkage

components, and an Instruction Manual, and will be shipped 5-7 days after payment is received.



NOTE:  If you are converting any 1969 thru 1981 Jaguar that utilized a Cable driven Speedometer, we can include a conversion speedometer cable for an additional $75.00.









4-CORE HIGH EFFICIENCY RADIATOR                                                                                    $495.00


This custom-made radiator comes ready to “drop-in” to the original Jaguar mounting insulators in the lower radiator support, and is equipped with a relocated filler neck, a heater hose return fitting, and a transmission oil cooler. Provisions for either a 1 ¼” or 1 ½” upper radiator hose, and a relocated drain-petcock are also included.


EXHAUST HEAD-PIPE                                                (Left / drivers side only)                           $85.00


This pipe isfabricated from 2 ¼” diameter 14 gauge mandrel bent tubing, and are equipped with 5/16” thick 3-bolt flanges on both ends for easy attachment to the exhaust manifolds and to the rest of the exhaust system. It makes an excellent starting point for the fabrication of the balance of the exhaust system. THIS PIPE IS NOT DESIGNED TO ATTACH DIRECTLY TO ANY EXISTING JAGUAR PIPES!! They are made to clear the steering shaft, steering rack and the oil filter on the left side of the engine. It are supplied with reusable gasket and mounting hardware.


POWER STEERING PRESSURE HOSE                                                 


                       For use with a Power Steering Pump with an inverted flare fitting                        $50.00

                       For use with a Power Steering with a Tube O-ring fitting                                      $60.00


This high-pressure hose is designed to attach to the Jaguar steering rack and the Chevrolet P.S. pump.



UNIVERSAL TACHOMETER INTERFACE UNIT                                                                          $80.00


In the past, one of the “annoying” details of doing a Jaguar V-8 conversion was removing the tachometer and shipping it out to be recalibrated to read correctly with the 8-cylinder engine. We can now supply a Universal Tachometer Interface Unit, manufactured by Dakota Digital, a leading supplier of electronic components in the Street Rod/Custom Car field. When ordered from SunCoast Conversions, this unit is calibrated for the 8-cylinder engine/12-cylinder tachometer or 8-cylinder engine/6-cylinder tachometer installation per your order.  This unit should be installed inside the vehicle, NOT under the hood where it could be exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures!!


REPLACEMENT SPEEDOMETER CABLE                                                                                   $75.00


TPI FUEL LINE ADAPTER FITTINGS                                                                                  (pair) $20.00


These fittings allow the connection of Braided Stainless Steel fuel line of the type supplied by “AEROQUIP”, “EARL’S”, “RUSSELL’S” and others, to either the TPI unit (Male Adapter) or to the end of the production steel fuel line extensions (Female Adapter).


SPEEDOMETER CABLE 90 DEGREE ADAPTER                                                                        $65.00


A 90-degree speedometer cable adapter is necessary on 1981 and earlier vehicles that utilize a cable driven speedometer, due to a lack of room in the transmission tunnel. The unit that we supply is an American made, high quality, modular unit.


WELD-IN OXYGEN SENSOR BOSS                                                                                             $10.00


This custom machined part should be welded into either the exhaust manifold, or the exhaust head pipe. It allows the installation of an Oxygen Sensor on engines that are equipped with either a Tuned Port (TPI), or Throttle Body (TBI) fuel injection system.




This highly informative Manual is included, in addition to the Conversion Instruction Manual, when any of our kits are shipped for a 1985 thru 1989 TPI application. This manual is specifically oriented to the 1985 thru 1989 TPI systems that utilize a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. While there are some references to the Jaguar V-8 conversion application, the vast majority of the information in this manual is valid for use in any 12-volt negative ground automotive application. The purchase price of this manual will be credited to any SUNCOAST CONVERSIONS V-8 conversion kit purchased at a future date. 



ELECTRIC SPEEDOMETER TRANSDUCER                                                                             $115.00


This is a stock Jaguar XJS coupe item (Jaguar Part #DAC-4569) that threads directly onto any GM transmission’s speedometer driven gear sleeve, and has a 2-pin connector that plugs into the XJ6/XJS harness. This Jaguar part is required on 1982 thru 1987 XJ6/XJ12 sedans and 1984 and earlier XJS coupes that use an Electronic Speedometer.



OIL PRESSURE GAUGE SENDING UNIT ADAPTER                                                                  $15.00

WATER TEMPERATURE GAUGE SENDING UNIT ADAPTER                                                    $15.00


These custom machined parts allow the reuse of the stock Jaguar oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge sending units with the Chevrolet engine. The adapters have NPT male ends and a female end that accepts the BSP thread/sealing washer combination used on the Jaguar sending unit.


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